Not much coding news this week. I have restarted my project website (a CV website) but I don’t have anything to show you just yet. The CSS (the code that makes the website look pretty) is arguing with me at the moment, but I will prevail! lol
What I do want to share is that it’s nearly March again, and that means “Walk All Over Cancer” is looming on the horizon. I did this last year, and it was great motivation for me to step away from my screen and go walk-about. Exercise for just my own benefit is far too easy to deprioritise. This year Elf will be joining me on this challenge of walking 10,000 steps (each) a day, to raise money for cancer research, so that’s even more encouragement.
If you would like to add your support and encouragement, please pop along to our Giving Page (all officially set up via Cancer Research UK) and show us some love. Thank you xx

2020 Edit: This Just Giving page was disabled - we no longer support CRUK as they test on animals.

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