So today I have REALLY exciting news! Really exciting to me, anyway… lol
I love the written word – I’ve been a bookworm from the day I learned to read. So it’s no surprise that fonts are also pretty up there on my “oh wow that’s interesting” list. So I thought “what better way to start building a design portfolio?!” I’m setting myself the target of creating at least one typography piece every month, and (surprise surprise) I’ll be using quotes from my absolute favourite author – Sir Terry Pratchett. Now what makes this UBER cool is that I actually have permission for this from the people who control the rights to his work – Dunmanifestin Limited.
I contacted them and asked permission, and I actually got a response! I was given guidance about what I could and couldn’t do, and on what “legalese” had to be included in the image to make it acceptable. So please pop along to my portfolio site and check out my first little piece of artwork. You will find it in the carousel (the sideways-scrolly-thing of pictures) near the bottom of the page.*
*2019 Update: Due to changes on my portfolio, my design portfolio is currently unavailable. I also have to amend my domain details with Dunmanifestin Ltd before I can add these projects to the new portfolio. As soon as these are back online I will let you know.

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