Well that went, well, don’t you think?!  I read the article from the amazing people teaching me my new career (Code Institute) and thought it was a fantastic idea. I went off and started a WordPress blog, feeling all fired up… and then life happened! It always does, and it always manages to distract me. It’s something I’m working on.
In my defence, part of the distraction were the fires that devastated the area around our hometown of Knysna (nize-nuh) in South Africa, in early June. You can check out the hashtags #KnysnaFires and #KnysnaRises for more info. So we ‘dashed’ back there for a week to see for ourselves that our loved ones were fine, and then came home and tried to carry on as normal again. But I was well and truly off track by this point.
So once work is back up to date, I hope to return to this too. Catch you soon...

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