Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! I do apologise. The upside is that it means I have been very busy with studies and also a little more design work. And of course spending time with family and friends over Christmas.
Much of what I’ve been working on is still very much “a work in progress” but I can share a little “fun challenge” that Coral and I played with earlier this month. I’m focussing on Python in my course at the moment, and one of the most popular challenges for beginners is a “rock, paper, scissors” game. Now obviously many people immediately think of adding Sheldon’s “lizard, Spock” to the mix (thank you to The Big Bang Theory). Although we knew it would have been done before, we wanted to do the same, and managed to add in the extra rules without looking at any other examples.
We first just coded all outcomes if the user won, with an else instruction as the default if the user lost, but that didn’t work. We then coded all possible outcomes against each user choice, and the game worked! Just a silly bit of code, but we really enjoyed working together, and learned a lot. It was also really satisfying to know we achieved it without looking for help elsewhere.
Here is it — click the green button below, and then the green "run" button at the top of the next screen. 
Let's see if you can beat Sheldon!

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