Sorry for the delay in posting this update – I had it all prepped, and then forgot to ask my proofreader to actually look at it.
I finally got my results for the data dashboard project that I submitted to Code Institute in August. With the change to how we’re able to submit they’ve just been inundated, hence the long wait.
I was really worried about this one, as I hit such a stumbling block with the data charts that it set my confidence back really badly. Many coders battle with imposter syndrome, and this website definitely tested my resolve about making such a massive career change.
I am very pleased to say that the result was higher than I had hoped, at 87%! The general feedback was:

"The project is functional and has a positive aesthetic purpose. It is easy to use and data is easy to read and interpret. Underlying technologies are well used and implemented and the project shows a good knowledge of recommended web design conventions."
Code Institute External Assessors

The difficulties meant that I learned even more, and I am more certain than ever that this is the career for me. Even the hard days are good days, in the long run. Every code snippet that works brings joy and excitement.
Thanks to everyone who keeps supporting and encouraging me. You are more valued than I can ever tell you. Especially my wife, who deals with all the frustration, and is still a willing sounding board to all my ideas. Thank you.

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