I can finally share the good news hinted at in my previous post! My data dashboard, which I first told you about in March (I know – who remembers that far back, seriously?!) is finally done!
The even better news is that the dashboard (Project 2 of 5) and my resume created at the beginning of the year (Project 1 of 5) have been submitted for marking! I can’t tell you how hard my heart was pounding when I submitted my first project. It was my first creation, my own little website, and I had to let it go – to be judged harshly (but fairly) and there is nothing I can do now to change it, or justify it. It’s out of my hands…
But this is a good thing. I am really glad that we can now submit each project as it is completed, rather than having them lurking there til the end and submitting everything together. It means that I will hopefully get some feedback from the examining body before I replicate any errors on future projects. It also means that I cannot be tempted to “just fix that thing” or “tweak this feature” when I really need to be concentrating on the next module in my course.
If you’d like to have a look at my data dashboard, you can find the website here, and for those who would understand it, the code repository is here. This one does need to be viewed using a desktop computer or laptop, as there is a lot that needs to fit on the screen at the same time. If it doesn’t, the whole effect of the chart interaction is lost. As it’s interactive, play with it – click everything! And as always, I’d love to hear what you think.

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