My Full Stack Development course through Code Institute is a huge amount of information to take in, and I worry that I will lose the earlier skills learned as I progress through the course. To prevent this, I am spending a little time every day working through the challenges on a great website: FreeCodeCamp. It gives my brain a rest from the really new things I am learning, while still keeping me focussed on code, and keeping the full range of languages fresh in my mind.
The part I really love is that it gives mini development projects to be completed. These all link to a test functionality which demands that various user requirements are met. This to me is the closest I have found to having to meet a client’s specs – there’s no changing the whole idea if the project isn’t going the way I planned, there’s no negotiating the specs. My websites either pass the tests or they don’t, and I think this is a great experience to enhance my learning.
I’m also working through a really helpful work book from Sitepoint called “JavaScript Novice to Ninja”. This falls in between Code Institute and FreeCodeCamp on my learning journey, and is deepening my understanding of the JavaScript language. This is vital given how extensively JavaScript is used in web development. It’s also of interest as I am hoping it will help me understand the charting functions in D3.js, DC.js, & Crossfilter.js that I encountered earlier this year, and still need to get my head around fully.
You can check out all my projects at the links below:
And of course, don’t forget the fun Elf & I had creating “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” in Python, as featured in an earlier blog post.
Please do check out FreeCodeCamp if you have an interest in web development. As a free resource you really couldn’t ask for more. It does work on mobile devices to a degree, but I recommend working through it on a desktop to get the full functionality.

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