I have made it to the next milestone project in my Full Stack Development course! In these last modules I have learned about:
Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) — it makes the pretty stuff on our websites even more amazing!
SVGs, D3.js, DC.js, & Crossfilter.js — these are all used to create visual representation of data, which had my little geek heart singing.
APIs — these are external code resources on which other awesome developers have done all the hard work, and now they’re sharing with the rest of us.
My current project idea is to create a dashboard showing information about all the times I have moved home. I figure 40 house moves in 36 years should give me more than enough info to create a few charts, and I’ll be making use of the Google Maps API to plot those moves as well.
One thing I have already learned is that I need to start relying on my GitHub version control. I tend to problem solve by creating a duplicate of the troublesome file of code, and then I play with that until it behaves. The problem with this approach is that I’m often checking the changes I make against the original file, and in doing that I start implementing fixes on both the original and the test file. So while I’ve figured out the solution, I’m often not seeing the correct result, because half the solution is in the original file and the other half is in the test file. Serious face-palm moments I tell you. Thankfully the students and teachers on the Code Institute Slack channels are always on hand to point out my silliness, and they do it with such kindness and understanding that I barely even blush.
This picture is of my first map, with lines showing how I’ve travelled across my little section of the world. This project is A LOT more daunting than the last one, but also really exciting. Watch this space!

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