So I finally decided to get back on track with my blog (and my studies).
This is as a result of an amazing turn of events. My lovely wife (my Elf) is now doing the job I was doing, so rent can still be paid, and I can return to full time study! Thank you Elf   ❤
The bonus for the company is that she’s actually better at bespoke reporting than I am, so we all win. Sometimes the universe is really blatant in its support of my plans & I love those moments.
What I probably shouldn’t own up to is the fact that I took so long to get back to my blog that I completely forgot that I’m using and not (which makes a HUGE difference) and I forgot my password. So it took me an entire day just to find my way back here! (oh the shame… and the fits of laughter at my own expense)
But hopefully things are looking a little more presentable (I figured out how to use my preferred font — Ubuntu — and chose a more minimal theme, which I like). Onwards and upwards…

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